Friday, 18 November 2011

Teachers-wearing-uniform day :D

Well, ler, teachers wear uniform and students wear any clothes!

 Yay, my science teacher :p

English teacher!

 Kay dah! Bye :D

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Yay! Bought new tudung's!! :D

Happy day :D

YAY finally Abg Aji bought me the Lumix GF3. And guess what? It's touch screen! *happy girlll* :D iloveyou abg ajiii. As my BELATED birthday present when my birthday is in July. Will use it during special occasions. Like during Mufti Day next Friday and for wearing Mufti this Friday. Teachers are going to wear uniforms and us students are wearing normal clothes. ANYWAYS.

I'm fasting today! And for iftar, going to have kuey teow, sausage bread, anddddd air syrupp! :D EXCITED!!!! :D

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HI :)

Justin got back form school. Apparently Mufti Day is NEXT week. :( But this Friday we can dress up as mufti, as in the teachers wear uniforms and the students wear mufti. Any clothes. Yay :)

Tonight is Rayyan's school concert at Kelab Shah Alam and I might go! :)

Yeaaaaaa bye :)

Monday, 14 November 2011


Today is Monday and so I puasa today! Waiting for iftar! Going to have carbonara and air syrup! LOVE IT!

 So last night we had Rayyan's 4th birthday party and Paman Izi, Cik Intan, Deena, Yani and Tee (my uncle, aunty and cousins) they came to celebrate it too! So his birthday cake was a Cranky cake from Thomas and Friends! It sooo cool, there is like a rope attached to it. DAT KEWL MAN. We had this mee sup thing, spaghetti (as usual), air syrup (as usual :3), mashed potato! :) After we ate and blew out the candle, Rayyan and Ranya opened their presents! Again, I gave him this really cool 3D book, as always, the loved it! There was a lot of cool prizes. And this present, kakak gave, and it was a kite. He was like "k. NEXT PRESENT!!" HAHA. *not interested* And me abah and mama gave them each a bike. K ENOUGH.

Someone Like You - Adele <3
Bye :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

im bored.

I'm bored, so I'm going to post more.

I want to go to California Disneyland so badly! They have these really cool and fast rollercoasters, which I don't bother going on them but they are so cool! And there is this ride called Splash Mountain, it's like you sit in this log thing and it brings you around and then you go down a mountain! It seems so fun!

My brother promised me to buy me this camera, Lumix GF3! It's so nice! Its small, it's like a Nikon, and it's nice! But somehow, my brother seems to forget everytime. I'm going to slap him.

And these Aldo boots adore me! I got one but, yah. It's high heels inside but looks flat on the outside, like the one above. :)

AHHHH ONE DIRECTION. <3 K fangirling :3

Bye :)

first post, first blog!

Helloooooo. Yay, started a blog. Yea this girl called Kak Nabila persuaded me to do it coz her blog is sho nice. K hi!

So we had Sports day on Friday and I attended 100m run, shot and javelin and I came 4th in running. I sucked. Oh well..... Tomorrow is 14th November and it is my nephew, Rayyan's, 4th birthday! And it was Ranya's birthday on the 4th! I'm a good aunt, so I gave them my old books. Old, nice, 3D books. That comes out, like 3D stuffs. And they like it! So I'm giving Rayyan the same, coz' I got loads of them that I don't bother reading them. That is how lazy I am. So I'll have to wait another year for Ranya's birthday so I can give her my princess books! waiting...waiting! So we're having dinner tonight, with the family, as a celebration to Rayyan's 4th birthday! And opening presents!

I got new favorites, but I still like Justin Bieber! :) Yay One Direction and Cher Lloyd!! :D They are soooo goood. Ok nothing much to say. School tomorrow, sucks.

So this Friday there will be Mufti Day. Mufti day is this charity thing we do for the orphanages. So some people held games like what? Bouncy castles, throwing wet sponges, you know, all those games. So we buy tickets and the money goes to charity/orphanages. The school does it every year, and each year it gets better and better! We raised tons of money last year, like probably more than a thousand! And we gave them to charity, like, a child with a hole in her heart, disorders... etc. So my class are doing this food like we did last year... taking 11 o'clock shift! :)

Ok so there is nothing much to say. HAH LOL. K byeeeeee!