Monday, 14 November 2011


Today is Monday and so I puasa today! Waiting for iftar! Going to have carbonara and air syrup! LOVE IT!

 So last night we had Rayyan's 4th birthday party and Paman Izi, Cik Intan, Deena, Yani and Tee (my uncle, aunty and cousins) they came to celebrate it too! So his birthday cake was a Cranky cake from Thomas and Friends! It sooo cool, there is like a rope attached to it. DAT KEWL MAN. We had this mee sup thing, spaghetti (as usual), air syrup (as usual :3), mashed potato! :) After we ate and blew out the candle, Rayyan and Ranya opened their presents! Again, I gave him this really cool 3D book, as always, the loved it! There was a lot of cool prizes. And this present, kakak gave, and it was a kite. He was like "k. NEXT PRESENT!!" HAHA. *not interested* And me abah and mama gave them each a bike. K ENOUGH.

Someone Like You - Adele <3
Bye :)

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